A new weapon ! Happy hunter !

Yesterday, the first boss of the Ulduar run was Auriaya.  For months, I wanted to change my ranged weapon and she’s the one looting a beautifuf bow, the kind of weapon I won’t be changing until we kill hardmode bosses in 25-man raids or Algalon… And yesterday, when she was dead, gleaming with loot, I really wished it would be there. And it was !!! Woooooot ! I dreaded for a moment that the other hunter would have it but I received it. Our loot system is loot council and the officers deceide who can go rand if they feel several people deserve it equally. I would have hate to roll for that bow, because I’m so unlucky… Especially against that other hunter who barely raid these days when I’m here wiping every evening. Did I tell you that I never saw the t7 or t7.5 shoulder token ? The Armory tells me I killed this boss 12 times… I carried blue shoulders for ages ! I bought it with my emblems…

I think you deserve a nice pic !

Siren's Cry ! Tin chuis trop contente !

Siren's Cry ! Tin chuis trop contente !

I love this weapon. It’s beautiful, the skin and the stats. A lot of agility, the base dps is the one of a ilvl232 weapon and that makes a huuuuuge change with my old ilvl213 Nerubian Conquerer… I feel powerful with this. I badly needed it. For the end of the night, I was never last on damage meters (on bosses). We did Mimiron, tried Freya+1 before finishing her off in normal mode and ended with Thorim.

I thought I may try Marksmanship spec now I got a good weapon. There is a 7/57/7 spec I want to try for weeks…


3 Réponses to “A new weapon ! Happy hunter !”

  1. Shy Says:

    oh wow..only when seeing screenies I realized that of course the item links are also in French on a French server…duh.

    Still looks odd to me though, hehe

    Gratz on the bow =)

  2. Nefernet Says:

    Hehehe… Of course it’s in French ! But it comes from the client not the server. 😉

    Some guildies have the english client but not that much. Quite a few people are dreadful in English and when I put links on our forums (always in English) they can’t read it. And then the raid leader : « did you read the strat ? » « but it was in English ! » … duh… « WTF ! Are you kidding !!! I put it in French too you idiot ! »

    And for the item link, I put the wowhead link in the article for Siren’s Cry.

    This week was my week : yesterday, after 2 months in Ulduar, I got my first T8 and bought the second with emblems, and mail was there aplenty and I got new legs too… I even passed on bracers and one of our applicants got it, that’s cool, he’s a good hunter and I think he’ll be taken. I didn’t ninja all the mail… And, for the first time ever, I won a roll against a chaman for a piece of « T », with a 32… I screenshoted that roll…

  3. Flo Says:

    Congrats on getting Siren’s Cry! Such a great looking bow, and excellent stats 🙂

    Now that you have an ilevel 232 weapon, you should definitely try Marks; it scales really well with the boosted damage of 232 weapons.

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