Thoughts on an Ulduar alts run : changing roles

This Tuesday was National day in France. That means many people were on holidays on Monday and Tuesday, going out to see fireworks and dancing at the traditionnal « Bal des Pompiers » (Firemen’s party). And Monday afternoon, we were a few guildies wondering how to use our time, Ulduar 10 being cleared. And of course we came up with a stupid idea like, let’s do an Ulduar 10-man alts run. That means the main dk tank healing with his priest, the mage tanking with his warrior, the hunter laser pewpewing or healing things on her druid… And of course all those toons barely geared with random Naxx and heroic instances stuff. We had some applicants coming too, poor guys…

It was a fun run. We passed Flame Leviathan +2 towers (life and ice) up after a few wipes, one-shotted XT-002, then did Iron Council normal mode and Kologarn with the achievement. We had a few wipes along the run, the Antechamber’s trash mobs were especially painful.

This kind of raids is very interesting. For everyone. I will explain this.

Learning about other’s roles makes you better at your own

Everyone should play at least another role sometimes. I can easily say that half the people present here where not in their usual class/role/spec. We had a holy priest getting in shadow, our dk main tank and GM healing with his disc priest, Ron left his mage for tanking with his warrior, another person was there with his girlfriend’s tree druid and I brought my baby druid too and was asked to laser pewpew… And for the last fight, one of our warlock (not sure, I don’t remember exactly) came with his little rogue… It was a great Pug!

But the more interresting thing was when people like Ron or our GM discovered how hard (or easy)  it was to do their new job. I experienced this a little on Kologarn but didn’t really had the time to get into healing and I felt a little bit useless… But I think it was really interresting for our GM because he is giving directions during raid from his tank point of view and doing the encounters from a healer’s point of view widered his knoledge of the fight. And he discovered it was much easier to lead a raid when tanking than when healing…

And another exemple, when doing the first trash mobs in the antechamber, we lost the two tanks (don’t ask me why I was trying to dps a little…), and I thought : « I could go on bear form and tank this ? » Well the time I asked myself pros and cons of bear form, my chicken was roosted… Anyway, I realised that I don’t even know what’s on my bars in bear form… Same goes in cat form by the way. I need to have a look there once, just to be able to do an emergency morph and taunt.

Experience > gear

Our alts gears are crappy. We need to be at the top of the top with our main toons, our alts are quite neglected. However, we beated Flame Leviathan with two towers. Most of the people there knew this fight very well. Three of us even have the Orbit-uary achievement. We beated the fight quite easily, once everyone got the « warm-up ». And on the following fights, we had really no problems. A few wipes due to people not expecting some events they usually don’t see from their usual point of vue of the fight.

I think that in this case, our really deep knowledge of the fights was what enabled us to do so well. Then comes our skill as raiders, before being good at our class and spec, because whatever the role you have, you still have some strong reflexes.

Alt runs are a great way to test applicants

Poor fellows… When the tank holding Steelbreaker is tanking it for the first time with a blue sword and ilvl200 gear, you’re gonna have a tough time as a healer… Two of the healers were applicants, the third one being the GM. I don’t think it was not on purpose… It was quite an informal run. No stress. Unlike our 25-mans. And people tend to perform different when under stress. I know I’m crap when stressed. Not the stress of the encounter, the stress of being watched…

I suck at laser-chicken pewpewing…

I rolled a druid to heal. I put my first talent point in the resto tree and sticked with it. I bought dual-spec to be able to do my dailies without getting bored to death. If I want to do dps, I have my hunter. I’m good at it and I know it. The problem was that we had one healer in excess and I was asked to dps in moonkin form, nevermind my crappy hit-rating on my healer’s gear : the moonkin buffs are awesome for the other casters. But it felt just so strange. I definitely don’t like dpsing with my druid.

Anyway, I was able to heal on Kologarn, it was nice. Happy druid !

Here are some pictures of what our raids look like !

Les Mini Gods à Ulduar

Les Mini Gods à Ulduar

Les Big Gods à Ulduar

Les Big Gods à Ulduar

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  1. Ten'nen Says:

    « Learning about other’s roles makes you better at your own »

    Hee hee I just wrote a post about that…

    « Experience > gear »

    I’ve been trying to bang it into people’s heads that a variety of talent specs and playstyles are possible so long as you know what you’re doing. You can clear Naxx 10 with people in mostly blues and some greens, albeit more slowly, as long as they know what they’re doing. In fact, I’ve done it before. It’s a challenge of which everyone should be reminded.

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