Qualities of a good raider

Shy did it first. It comes from another blog where the autor lists what he thinks are the trait of a good MMO player. I was going to comment on Shy’s blog when I realise my comment would be quite long and I’d better do my own post… Shy thought she didn’t match many of the traits, let’s see what I’m doing.

1. Patience – I don’t have a lot of patience to spare. I will very quickly be angry at someone not learning a fight as quickly as I do (did). But I won’t say it out loud. I will have the patience to wait for the raid leader to explain the strategie again (even if I know it). I won’t have patience for people slacking and slowing the raid. And I really hate farming, grinding rep, etc, this is an activity needing too much patience but sometimes it needs to be done, so I do it.

2. Tenacity – When raiding, I am a very « tenacious » person. I can go on wiping again and again. There was an article from Lodur on World of Matticus about how far is too far for the raiders when dealing with progression and wipes. I’m one of those who won’t ask for mercy. Lodur think 12 attempts is becoming too much. And I realised that we use to do more than that while trying hard modes or Yogg Saron and we won’t give up until the RL says it’s enough. I know it is hard for some other guildies. On hard mode nights, the hunts channel is quickly filled with « Again ! Could’nt we do it in the normal way ? », and me thinking « next time will be better ».

3. A sense of humor – I hope I have one. But sometimes, when things are just too wrong, I lose it and just want to go to bed. But humor is a great way to release some pressure before going back to « serious business ». Yesterday, I spent the evening taunting one of our tank (he began the fight…) and him taunting back. It gave me the energy I need to fight well in a « hard mode » raid. And before a raid, while the RL is building the team, a lot of jokes are flooding the /g or the /raid. Because having a good laugh before a raid is a great way to get in the mood of the raid and gather some energy.

4. A keen sense to follow direction – I can usually do that fairly quickly, even if it seems not to be the best idea. I do what I’m asked, when I’m asked, if possible. If not possible, I say it. That enables the RL to assess his strategy and see if something is wrong. If I get no direction, I will just do what I think is best.

5. Ability to take ownership – This part means trying to improve your toon all the time. I do that but not to its extreme. I hate logging off with a new piece of equipment without any enchant, or with a gem missing. But I won’t blow up all my gold on a silly piece of gear you can find on the AH, knowing that a similar one is availiable in a raid. I prefer when my gear comes from dungeons, or emblems.

6. Look to those who came before you – The enormous number of blogs I try to read every day says enough I think for this part. I love to read, talk, watch about other hunters. I watch videos, read blogs and forums, talk with the other hunters in my friend list or even with strangers. I do that with druids too…

7. Never be afraid to step out of the box – I liked to raid in Beast Mastery. For a while, I could. But now, I cannot any more. I need to be at the top of my dps possibilities. I’m using a spec very similar to the one advised by Elitist Jerks. Not a point is wasted, every single one is well weighted to give me and my raid as much as possible, and I will change as soon as I feel something can be changed.

8. Adaptability – I must admit I’m not good at changes. I need time. I will never learn a boss fight the first night. I need to sleep on it. I don’t like to change roles either. I really dislike fight with vehicules for this reason : not my usual keybind, not my usual point of vue… I needed a lot of time to learn how to use Malygos drakes even when doing the daily quest in Nexus. And changing role for Flame Leviathan is a nightmare. I know a few of the vehicules and hate to try a new one… Playing a healer with my druid helped my a lot to get used to change roles in raids. What I could tell for adaptability is that I can adapt, but I need time. When changing a boss strategy, I will need one or two wipes, sometimes more, to get used to it. Adaptability is my weak link here.

9. Know your role – As a hunter, my role is to do damages, not die, crowd control sometimes, not die, misdirect, not die, and a few other little things for the raid like trying not to kill them… I have really no clue of what healers are doing, except when I’m low life and bandaging… I fairly know what tanks are doing because I do my best every night to pull their mobs…

10. You must like Pie – I like chocolate cake too !

Shy added 2 more :

11. Initiative – I’m very careful when I take initiative in a raid. I often help controling trash with a freezing arrow when a sheep is happilly slaughtering the casters after having eaten the mage… This generally get me a « Good game the hunt » from the RL that makes me really happy. Yes, I’m happy with not much, but compliments are scarce in my raid… But sometimes initiative is not a good idea. I prefer asking the raid leader before doing something stupid…

12. Team Play – Well, I see this like the combo of many qualities given already : « know your role » obviously, patience, tenacity, follow directions, adaptability. All of those are signs of team play in my opinion. Maybe you can add here « not being selfish ». Playing in a team is the main reason why I raid, and maybe why I play this game so it’s pretty obvious for me that to be a good raider you need to play with your team. This is the reason why I felt bad when they downed Yogg Saron without me because I saw myself as a part of the team, and I was really happy for them at the same time because we learned the fight together, and even if I wasn’t there, I felt like I helped killing the ugly mollusc. Obviously team play is the essence of a raider. In my opinion anyway.

I cannot see any more trait to add to this, but feel free to comment.


5 Réponses to “Qualities of a good raider”

  1. Shy Says:

    Team Play is the essence, and though someone commented on my blog that solo players can raid, they cannot.

    Well…not in current content at least, you can of course always go back to old content.

    But once you’re in a raid, you’re in a team. And no matter if you know the other team mates, you will have to work together to get the job done.

  2. Lodur Says:

    Well, I don’t think 12 wipes is too much on progression content or content with new players, I’m definitely one of those players that is a glutton for punishment, that’s part of the reason why I pushed the raid till he was dead again.

    I particularly like your point number 9!

    Good post mate! Cheers!

  3. Rilgon Arcsinh Says:

    The proper word for point 2 would be a very tenacious person. 🙂

    The more I read you over here, the more I like what I read 😀

  4. moop Says:

    i think you take this game a little bit too serious (too many people raiders sadly)
    doesnt matter how much time you put into it
    its not e-sport (there is no such thing), it’sjust a game 🙂

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