Let’s frag some pyrite : Orbit-uary guide

Yesterday was first day after the reset. Than means : Flame Leviathan festival !

Raid schedule at GoW is pretty simple : prime time (9pm to midnight) is for 25-man, the rest of the night is for nolifes who want to wipe on hard modes in 10-man.

Yesterday we did the 25-man Leviathan with Freya’s tower up, the only one we had never tried. As usual, it was messy but we downed it. I was on a bike and missed fragging some pyrite… But I got the achievement for downing FL with the 3 types of vehicle… Great !

The raid carried on, we tried to kill Kologarn without killing the arms, we wiped a few times… But the raid leader wasn’t in the mood of doing hard modes and it was more a loot run so we killed Kologarn on normal, then Auriaya and Hodir… And end of raid.

Back to Dalaran, the usual call from the GM : « Who’s up for 10-man hard modes, today Flame Leviathan with 4 towers up ». Oh oh… I am ! Flame Leviathan is great, but the motobike was boring. I got an invite, great ! And 2 hours later, this happend :



Woot ! GG us !

Here is how we did it. See here at Shy’s blog for more information about what happens in hard mode. I won’t describe it. I will explain our strategy.

The 2 tanks :

The drivers interrupt whatever the boss is incanting and kill Freya’s adds when they spawn if possible. Interrupting is important because the extra damage could kill your machines too early : think you got some adds too hitting your machines. The adds are easily killed with the chains of lightnings.
The passengers shoot the pyrite flying around all the time.  This is really important. Begin shooting the pyrite before engaging the boss, the ground has to be littered with pyrite, there must be blues everywhere. If they have some time, they can help killing the adds but pyrite comes first. They are the ones able to activate the shield too, if the vehicle take too much damage. But frag the damn pyrite.

The catapults : these are the key of the fight, get good drivers.

– the drivers need to stack their pyrite on the boss up to 10 and NEVER let their stacks fall. Never. Even when  they are chased by the boss, they can drive backward and just sprint away when the boss come too near.
– the loader : the passenger has two very crucial roles. Load pyrite and set off the sprint. And load pyrite… The catapult must never be short in pyrite. It’s hard enough to keep the stacks up without bothering if there is pyrite in stock. So never let your machine run out of pyrite. Never mind the adds, the flames, the ice block or whatever is happening on Vent, load the bloody pyrite. And I can tell you, you won’t have time to do anything else actually. Not with the 4 towers. But sometimes you can shoot a few canonballs on the adds hitting your machine, because they hurt.

The flying warlock…

That one have one role : kill the turrets on the boss. Fast. It have to be a caster, because he will have to hit both turrets in melee range and at distance. We used a warlock. It really needs to be your best caster. Don’t forget to buff him before the fight. And wild magic potions and every single buff possible is good too.

And here is were things get messy. Because you have, in theory, only two spots on a demolisher… And the catapult. That’s were the motorbike rolls in.

The motorbike. Yes, only one…

The motorbike has one role, keeping any pedestrian safe during the rotation between the flying demonist and one of the loader on one demolisher. It can put some tar under the boss wheels but keeping people alive is more important.

The rotation between the warlock and one of the loaders.

Begin the fight with the warlock loaded in one of the catapults, and the pyrite loader already on. That makes three people in the same vehicle. The warlock is sent quickly on the boss. After having killed the turrets, he will need to get back into the demolisher quickly. He doesn’t wait for the boss to eject him. At the moment the system overload, he dismounts by himself and run to his demolisher. At that same moment, the loader must dismount too to let him in. The motorbike must be around to get the loader and keep him safe during overload. When the boss is running again, the warlock is loaded in the catapult and the loader can take his place on the demolisher and load more pyrite… And rince and repeat.

Other little things…

– We casted Heroism just at the beginning, the warlock and the shaman being on foot, and they mounted quickly when the tanks pulled.

– Everything must be perfect, no mistake. Someone under an iceblock, one of the demolishers losing its stacks of pyrite, one of the pedestrian dead, an interrupt missed (extra damage) and you can call for a wipe. (Except if there is only a few millions hp on the boss : finish him off !!! Come on !! Ugh, 2% wipe… Nasty…)

– When on foot, the plants won’t aggro you (except if you shoot them, don’t do that stupid…), don’t be afraid, but it can be hard to select a vehicle if it’s surrounded by adds. I was the loader doing the rotation yesterday, this was the hardest thing to do : target the motorbike while it’s in range and not dying because of the beams of light. Those lights hurt, true story…

– The rotation takes some wipes to get used to because four people must be synchronised perfectly. Put lucky charms on the demolisher, the two pedestrians and the motorbike, it’s much easier to see. When you dismount, find some safe spot without too many lights and adds, somewhere quite visible, and let the motorbike come to you. It can be hectic sometimes, but it’s a ton of fun… 😀

– During overload, the warlock loads pyrite. If he goes in the catapult, the demolisher can not attack any more and will lose his stacks. And he can’t be thrown during overload. So the warlock became a loader for a few seconds. There must always be someone loading pyrite, so the motorbike must be ready to let its passenger jump vehicles as soon as possible.


That fight was really fun. Today it’s hard because of the lack of sleep, but it was worth the effort. It took us two hours to do it perfectly. The chance is quite an important factor too : when the demolishers are targetted by the boss, especially the one with the warlock, it can be really hard.

And this week, the focus for 10-man Ulduar is Mimiron hard mode : the last gardian before unlocking Algalon’s room ! I don’t know if I will be in the fights because I lack dps. I need a better ranged weapon. I could get as many pieces of gear as I can, without a better ranged weapon, I won’t be able to get better numbers. That worries me. A lot.


3 Réponses to “Let’s frag some pyrite : Orbit-uary guide”

  1. Beruthiel Says:

    Grats on the kill! =)

  2. Shyraia Says:

    Woot! go you!

    We’re up for this one on Thursday evening, looking forward to it, and yay, definitely some useful tips here ^_^

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