Summer festival funnies…

I got my first « world event » title last Saturday : Flame Warden. It’s actually my second title overall, the first one being Twilight Vanquisher that I’m not wearing because I got the title after patch 3.1 with GoW in Ulduar gear and out of respect for those who got it the hard way I won’t show it. I’m not very interrested in titles, even if some of them are quite nice. I like the Elder one, mainly because I was in a guilde called <les anciens> and in French, the title is Ancien. And Gardian of Cenerius would be great on my druid but I don’t know if I will ever find the courage to get exalted with Cenarian Circle… But there is actually one I really want : Starcaller (Mande-étoile in French which is really nice). And It’s getting closer and closer… My guild downed Freya+3 this week and is working on Mimiron hard mode, and then, we will have access to Algalon’s room…

Well ! The fun in this is that I visited in a rush the Horde’s capital cities. And all the fires in Azeroth and Outland. I even managed to do that bloody jungler’s quest… And got my title.

Ron and I had a lot of fun doing the visits to our hordish neightbours. Undercity was quite empty and the fire was just at the entrance. We entered it, took the fire, got out and port to Ironforge… Not sure any horde player noticed, except maybe some 15ish Undead rogue… Having a mage and a hunter for this kind of expedition is just awesome. The mage can do emergency portals, the hunter can track humanoïds and avoid to be tracked with aspect of the beast… And the night elf racial, Shadownmelt, is every useful when waiting for the squishy mage to come back from the cemetary… Thunderbluf was a joke, noone to stop us either, the NPCs killed us though but we got the flame.

While in Orgrimmar, we rushed to the fire, and Ron was killed by NPCs (squishy !!!) and I waited for him shadowmelted. No horde player found me and we took the fire, then decided to get the Ragefire achievement, while we were here (Ron had it already but not me…). Of course, a ret pally saw us, and being pvp flagged and <Gods of War> tagged in an Horde city is pretty Kill On Sight… Of course he killed us. I just sucks at duels and was so excited I couldn’t play normally, and all I know is that I saw him coming with my tracking, he rode past us and turned back, attacked Ron and killed him in no time, I think I had time to throw him an explosive shot (I should have drop an iceblock trap instead, or shot a wyvern sting…) and he was in melee range and I was just laughing so hard I got killed too. The guy was from the best guild Horde side, the one most able to do server second on Yogg Saron. It was great !

We run back to our corpses, and as we were not camped, we could easily reach Ragefire entrance, with quite a bunch of NPCs running after us… Run ! And… « Instance server full, please try later » What ?! Are you kidding ? We were stuck outside the instance, in an enemy city ! Hopefully, we got a spot in a few minutes and it was all right. I got my achievement, and there was one thing left to do here : fishing… Right, let’s go ! We run to the pound, And got spotted by a few players… Dead again… Last corpse run, fishing, tadam achievements, and portal to Ironforge, after a little hit with my Arcanite Reaper, in the water to the knee, very smart… I got a picture for you…

Arcanite Reaper in Orgrimmar

Arcanite Reaper in Orgrimmar

The screenshot is not good. You can see my Power Aura telling me I’m in aspect of the beast (the yellow lion head on my character…) But you can see I installed Bartender4 and an addon hiding in a bag all the minimap buttons (like Shy suggested in one of her comments). I still need to clean the bars a little, but it has never been cleaner before (except maybe before I was level 40…).

And last capital city : Silvermoon. That one was fun too. The fire is quite deep in the city, we rushed through the gates to where the fire was. A deathknight saw us and run after us but we had time to steal the flame before he caught on us. He killed Ron while I shadowmelted in a corner, near a tree. And he waited… He looked for me a little but he was not very clever : a few aoe would habe been my end I suppose. Instead he was waiting on Ron’s corpse and didn’t see him rez behind the tree, and make a portal. Actually he saw it quite late and deathgripped him, but I attacked him at that moment, Ron blinked and took the portal and I followed. Now I wish I’d stay for a little Aimed shot, because I think it would have killed him… My explosive shot put him half life…

Anyway, I had fun, I got a few achievements, a ton of gold in the process (that was the original aim actually, making a few coins). Guildies made fun of us because we have so few pvp oriented achievements and we were just ganked by any Hordy passing by but whatever… We had fun.


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