This time I was there !

This time I was there and we downed 25-man Yogg Saron for the second time. Monday, we literally one shotted Mimiron and Vezax, followed by numerous wipes on Iron Council hard mode. Yesterday, we finished the big ugly on the 7th attempt and everyone wondered what we could do at 22:30, seeing everything was dead for the week… There is never enough bosses for these people… I was quite happy to have some time to do a few dailies…

For your eyes, I took a screenshot during loot council on Yoggy…

Mon first kill de Yogg Saron

Mon first kill de Yogg Saron

I’m really happy, this fight is great (the boss is really ugly but I love the fight). I had to go down to kill its brain, I don’t like to go down but they needed the aspect of the pack. Brrrr I hate doing that, I feel so useless down there. Tentacles keep dying before I can even select one and I manage to get damages from skull even doing nothing… But it wasn’t as bad as last time. Whatever, we downed him. And I noticed on the combatlog on World of Logs that I was the caster taking less damages from lunatic gaze…

We had to kill two people who got mind controlled… So no achievement for me and I need to do Razorscale, Freya and Thorim to finish Ulduar… I’ve never done them before, even in 10-man.

Another good news is that I’m not an applicant anymore, I’m a full member of Gods of War since monday evening. And that feels good.

Now I have to up my dps and that will be even better… I miss being on top of the kevinmeter… Really. I pulled 4k dps on this kill. That’s not much compare to the others, I was last. I’ve got the crappiest gear of the raid too but that’s not a really good reason. 😀


4 Réponses to “This time I was there !”

  1. Kae Says:

    Whoot! Congrats, Nef 🙂

  2. Ronwe Says:

    This time, we were together on that down, and we were both sane and alive at the end of the fight, that’s the one thing I will remember.

    (and at around 4,2k dps i was also at the bottom of the dpsmeter, not that I care, but it still feels strange)

    As for the number of attempt, I found it rather small seeing there were several people, including one of the tanks who’ve never seen the fight, and at least 2 tries were plagued with disconnection from raid members (and when someone is offline inside a cloud during part 1, it get messy rather quickly)

    Not on trial anymore too, that’s a nice thing … I still can’t believe i’m one of the first two mages of the server to wear the tier 8.5 shoulders (technically, the second one, the other mage who got them in the raid was a lot quicker at gemming and enchanting them 😀 )

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