Non-Wow Week-end

No Wow this week-end. Non-Wow post.

Both my parents and my boyfriend’s parents were at home and we were busy enough. It was the first time my parents went visiting my new house, they were so happy.

Saturday, we went to Le Bourget, to the « Paris Air Show« . I offered the visit to my Dad for his birthday. He works in aircraft maintenance for years and had never been there. It was awesome and my father was so happy, I could see little stars in his eyes the whole day, like a kid in front of a Chrismas tree. We saw many aircraft, it was the 100th anniversary of the salon and many old planes were invited and made the show. For example we saw a Bleriot, the same plane Louis Blériot used to cross the Channel for the first time in History in 1909. I can barely imagine how this thing can fly but it does… I saw it…

My favorite wasn’t exactly an old plane but rather one of the newest. I saw A380 fly for the first time in real (I’d seen it on TV before), it was a great moment ! That plane is fanastic. It’s a huge monster of steel but when flying, it looks so graceful. I suggest you watch this little video of the construction of that plane. The travel the different pieces have to do is just epic. And the city where you can see it on a barge, going under a bridge is Bordeaux, my hometown.

Well, at the end of the day I was just exausted. I spent the Sunday sleeping. And didn’t raid Sunday evening, even if the parents were gone. I didn’t feel like playing. I watched a few episodes of NCIS instead, and it was a nice evening.


Une Réponse to “Non-Wow Week-end”

  1. Ronwe Says:

    A nice real life weekend indeed … as i’m not only a WoW player but also really fond of anything that can fly …
    Sunday evening, I did raid though, and Freya and Hodir take a whole new fun factor when you play them while taking looks at the NCIS episodes on the other screen ^^ (Can’t really afford that in the Thorim corridor though, that would be suicidal)

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