They lolled at my UI

I posted my UI on the guild forum last weekend… They lolled at it…

Mon interface d'il y a 10 jours

Mon interface d'il y a 10 jours

Well ok, it’s quite an heavy UI… But I have a deep love for addons…

(By the way, I took this the day we made the 6-minute achievement… It was crazy…)

One of the most annoying thing when playing a hunter is the number of spells you *need* in a normal fight. You have the trackings and aspects, the traps, all the pet’s care spells, and then the « normal » stuff I could say, like any other class : shots, spells, potions, trinkets, etc… And the pet bar. That’s why nearly all my bars are visible and nearly full.

I got rid of a few things since this snapshot.

First of all, I disabled DoTimer, which you can see on the right hand side, under the tooltip. I loved it because it’s one of the rare addon that tracks my traps. That’s a crucial information but I don’t have it anymore and I’m quite disappointed. But I didn’t used it for anything else, and it took to much space… Bye bye DoTimer… I need to find a way to track my traps though…

I moved SimpleMD : the addon you can see in the middle, above my casting bar (casting nothing…). This addon is just excellent. You can visually check misdirections from every hunter around you and check their cooldowns. On this screen, Jones MDed on Titoff first and as now 22 sec of cooldown. I misdirected just after him and my bar is red, meaning my threat is still redirected on Titoff. Only one MD can be applied on the same target at the same time, and by this addon, I now if there is any MD, on which target, by whom, if it’s still running or if I can throw mine, and I know every hunter of the raid cooldown. But this way, it’s big and I can’t see my toon very well. I made it smaller, and put it under the cast bar. For the moment…

I got rid of the party frame in raids too. I don’t look at it anyway. My unit frame is StellarUF (STUF, on Wow Interface) and I quite like it. And I absolutely love the raid frame coming with it for my hunter (STUF Raid). I use Grid though on my druid, much more features, HoTs tracking, etc… Grid is great.

I moved the Bigwigs cooldown bars from the default location, it was just to ugly. Moved it under the minimap. But I had a few issues with that mod : it often didn’t launched when entering a raid, especially Ulduar… I disabled it and put DBM instead. It was a very good move. I adopted DBM Tuesday night on Vezax.

I use TipTac for the tooltip, and I don’t know how to make it any smaller, and anyway, it’s not always showing.

I really need to clean up the combat text. Everything is mixing : raid warnings, MSBT’s buff indicators, standard warning, etc… I really need to figure out how to tieddy everything. MSBT is quite « fluffy » to configure. And I can’t figure how I can change Blizzard text settings. So MSBT is a work in progress, and progress are slow…

I installed OPie too. That addon is amazing, even if I still need to get used to it. I mostly use it for my aspects. When pressing a key, on a button of the mouse, or a combination of the two, it will make appear a ring with the spells of your choice under your pointer and you just hover over one of those to tringer it. You have some default ring and can customize some. There even is a « quest items ring ». And a Lucky Charms ring. And of course I got rid of this extra bar with aspects (Flo Aspect Bar)

And I have my Power Auras running too, great addon, I won’t change it. You can see it in action because I didn’t cast my serpent sting and being in combat, I have this green aura around my character when it’s not on my target. I got one aura for Lock&Load of course and many for my aspects. If someone is interrested in my Power Auras settings, ask in the comments, I will try to do a post about it.

Well, that said, my UI is still a bit cluterred but improving. But I will rewamp it entierly I think. I will try to find some time to do that in the weeks coming.

I think I will move many things to the bottom : all the buttons, the minimap, player’s, pet’s and target’s frame, around the cast bar. I may change the frame addon, maybe take oUF. But I will keep STUF raid I think. I will try to make the buffs smaller too, and better organised. I saw Elk Buff bars, Satrina’s buff frame and Buffalo and can’t choose. I will try another addon for tracking my dots and cooldowns : ForteXorcist. I saw some very nice hunters UIs with this addon. I will need a bar mod, I think I will try Bartender 4.

Any advice for my UI ? And if you have any question about the mods you can see, please ask !


Une Réponse to “They lolled at my UI”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    Try minimapbuttonbag. It gathers up all the buttons on your minimap, that already saves you screen space on that end.

    Other than that I do love addons, but my screen is always as empty as possible 😉

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