Yogg Saron downed by GoW

Gods of War downed Yogg Saron as a first kill server yesterday night. GG !

I wasn’t in the raid.

I wiped the all evening on a 10-man Vezax.

No comment.


9 Réponses to “Yogg Saron downed by GoW”

  1. Klinderas Says:

    That sucks. A lot.

    Why were you in the ten man?! Not enough room in the 25?

    In which case, bonne chance for next time ’cause that’s utter balls.

    • Nefernet Says:

      Yes, we were 47 connected people yesterday, and the RL, because he’s a good RL, took the people with the best dps. And I’m new to the guild, why would the RL prefer taking someone new and less geared over full guildies better geared.

      My gear is not good enough for Yogg Saron, I know it, even when I try very hard to do the most dps I can. I’m just a bit disappointed not having been in the raid when I wiped so many times for two weeks on that boss.

      But I’m happy for the guild, I just wish I had been a little bit better geared and had a chance at that kill.

      This post was just a rant… ^_^

      I wish we had downed Vezax though. I did it in 25-man for the first time this week and was a bit lost but yesterday, in the 10-man, I had plenty of time to learn the fight… But it seems it wasn’t enough for the others.

  2. Ronwe Says:

    Well, I’ve got mixed feelings on that … I was in the raid, and the moment the ugly beastie went down was a moment of pure joy.

    Then i did look at the screen by my side, where I saw 10-man Vezax team struggling with a dying tank, clumsy dps moving cluelessly while cursed, or under Shadow crashes.
    I hate this kind of moments …

  3. Kae Says:

    Hopefully you’ll be in for the next kill 🙂 Grats to your guild!

    • Shyraia Says:

      You’ll get your moment of shinyness. And hey, from my experience Vezax is all about the tank moving correctly, and the healers dosing their mana the right way. All dps has to do is get out of the shadow crashes…as long as you did that you can at least have the satisfied feeling of doing good yourself 😉

    • Mandii Says:

      Hey DPS has to kick the flame thingy too!

  4. Nefernet Says:

    Yes, as a dps, Vezax is easy once you are able to see the shadow missile and avoid killing your friends with the debuff. And finding a spot on a darkened zone is interesting, even for a hunter.

    The problem we had were the tank dying (I don’t know why…) and some dps being bumped or killing people with their debuff.

    Well, I did Sartharion + 3 drakes up yesterday for the first time and it was so much fun ! My guild use this fight to try applicants. With the race to Yogg Saron these days, they had no time to do it but as Yoggy is dead Monday, we had one evening free for « old » content Tuesday.

    We downed 25-man Sarth3D and wiped together the all evening on 25-man Iron Council hard mode, finishing them off in normal mode at midnight. I did some pretty dps and I’m quite pleased with myself… 🙂

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