Frustrated !

Yes, I’m frustrated !

I’m frustrated with this combat we’re doing with my guild for two weeks now. Yogg Saron. Say it again… Yogg… Saron.

And with my spec. How I dislike Survival more and more each night is incredible…

Yogg Saron is tough. I got the phase 1 quite easily but it seems it’s not the case for some other guildies… The number of unexpected gardians poping around is incredible… Not that the green clouds are not easy to avoid…

Phase 2 is a nightmare. And last night, the raid leader asked the hunters that one of us would have to get down in Yogg Saron’s mind. And the other hunter :  » huh let Nefernet do it… » Mouaha… *Fake smile* Ok… And it wasn’t pretty. Half of the time I couldn’t get a portal because I was stuck in a tentacle, had a moving debuff, or an other debuff that stunned me for a while. And once in the big ugly’s mind, I had to struggle with the skulls AND lines of sight… Melees don’t bother about lines of sight, they are meleeing, but I do… And once all the tentacles were down, I poped Aspect of the Pack (wich was the only reason why I was there) and at last could be a little useful and do some dps…

Once I even managed to get into a portal with I don’t know how many debuffs on me. And I just litterally stayed stuck at the entry, poisonned, apathic and puking… Or so does the tooltip said. But frankly I could have feel this bad in real life too. Actually, it was very RP… « No please, I don’t want to go down there again ! » *take portal anyway (RL is scary)* « Oh nooo, I feel sick… » *burp*… Sorry…

Phase 3 : easy for me… Dps ugly Yoggy, turn away, dps ugly Yoggy, turn away, and again… But the transition from P2 is pretty crappy for the moment : to many tentacles are still up. And tanks struggle to keep the immortals.

That means we still have to master the P2 (P1 is just noobishness…).

And that’s where I’m saying : Survival sucks… I’m so useless down in the portal that I cry at all this beautiful agility (and gold) wasted on my gear… And I’m not giving the most of my class in P1 because I need to get out of range to avoid clouds. And I need to turn around in P3.

Well… I will try Beast Mastery tonight… Even if my gear isn’t optimized for this spec. I’m sure I can do better in BM. The other day, I did 4.2k dps on Hodir hard mode, and I can’t do more than 3.8k dps in survival ?… Wtf ! So tonight, I will try… With hit food or AP food, or Crit food or whatever, I will do it.

Why I think BM is great for this fight ?

P1 : the pet doesn’t pop any add when running through clouds, he can run everywhere, killing machine without any of the downsides the melees got.

P2 : If and only if I’m with the « brain group », pet isn’t affected by those skulls. Select tentacle, send pet, Bestial Wrath, win ! If I’m not taking any portals, BM sucks because I need to keep the pet by my side a big part of the fight.

P3 : Like phase 2, pet isn’t affected by lunatic gaze… Send pet and let it nomnom the big ugly (Sethi will hate me for that, it must taste… urgh… this boss is disgusting…). And go on pewpewing and turning around without bothering, half the dps is done by the pet…

That could be great ! Except if my pet dies. This is an ugly scenario, spending the whole fight rezzing the poor little thing… I can’t imagine it without crying… I think I will try to bribe some healers… A few flasks or elixirs for a few hots and decurses, sounds fair enough…

That said, let’s see tonight (if I’m in the raid, *cross fingers*) if that works…


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