Though times for PVEHL guilds on Krasus

That’s crazy. Half of the PVEHL guilds of the server are blowing up. I’m so happy I chose Gods of war, because they are quite stable and successful. With the summer approching, many guilds struggle to run 25-mans. And quite a few of the top raiding guilds self-destroyed. And of course many players, some really good are guildless… And they come to us, the first guild of the server. We saw quite a few of the officers of one of the best guilds apply this week.

Because Gods of war is still up and running, or should I say flying through bosses. We are working on Yogg Saron 25 for the first kill serveur, very hard. And Wednesday, I was in the 10-man working on hard modes, and we did Flame leviathan with 2 towers, XT-002, Iron Council and Hodir hard mode. I was still last one on DPS but I blew my personnal records so I’m quite alright with that.

I especially loved my 4250 dps during the down of Hodir, specced as Beast Master. Who said BM isn’t good anymore. It’s really good for this fight ! Why ? Because pet management is minimum : the tank move and then the pet do not take the debuff, it stays with the melee dpsers and gains from theirs buff the npcs give, while the hunter is just around firing a very simple rotation. This fight isn’t good for survivalist : you take no advantage of one of the talent : sniper training. This talent ask you to stop moving for 6 sec, and you can have a buff lasting 15 secondes. Very hard to get when you have to keep moving around, avoinding the frost debuff and falling ice… I felt odd and awkward when I switched back to BM… But it came back very quickly. I got the rythme back, this is very important for me. I count when playing, like when I play music : 1 steady and jump, 2 steady and jump, 3 steady and jump, arcane, and 1, 2, 3, arcane… The pace is quicker in BM than in Survival, I really like that, it feels so natural.

And I’m sure I could have done better for this fight. The elemental shaman did 10k dps… He had the crit buff 70% of the time. I had it  only 30%. Ok, I’m jalous… The buff is put on one person by the npc but applies to the people nearby. The trick for Hodir HM is to pack the raid with the melees. This way, more people can get the crit buff.  I wasn’t packed except when I was the one with the buff… My fault.

Anyway, hard modes are so much fun ! Flame Leviathan with two towers was so cool. Except I got cornered by a wall of flame and couln’d go away… And that killed my catapult. 😥 That’s why I ended dead on the floor a few second before the boss…

Anyway, I’m having fun. Tonight, Vezax and Yogg Saron at the menu. I don’t know if I will be taken in the raid, because my gear isn’t very good compared to the others. But whatever, I hope they will kill them.

And I discovered this tool : Guildox. And this is the link to my guild. We are ranked second on the server in progression because the other guild downed the 4 keepers before us. But now, there are a few guilds, maybe 3, which are working on Yogg Saron for a week or two. The down will come soon and I hope it will be ours.

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2 Réponses to “Though times for PVEHL guilds on Krasus”

  1. Kae Says:

    Guildox is very useful, as it ranks the guilds by achievements rather than by loot. I especially love it for the « 10-man strict » rankings, since so few guild-ranking sites give 10-man guilds any consideration!

    • Nefernet Says:

      Yes I like it too !

      Now I’m in a big guild and 25-man achievements are important, but I used to lead a small guild and running 10-mans, and its rewarding to be on these sites.

      And thanks for adding me on your blogroll ! 🙂

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