Anna’s Friday 5 : Time is on our side

Anna, at Too many Annas, runs every Friday an RP game with 5 questions about your character on a specific theme. Last week, it was about time, and I found the questions quite inspirating inspiring. Let’s send the two sisters exploring their time’s habits.

Is your character usually early, on time, or late?  What does he or she expect from other people with regards to time?

Nefernet likes to be early. She likes to be prepared. She hates being the last one arriving somewhere. She is more like a scout. Neferna don’t care being early actually. Who cares, except Nefernet ? But she doesn’t like to be late. 

Is your character a morning sparrow or a night owl?  Is this their nature, or have they trained themselves to it?

The sisters are Night Elves. This race mostly lives at night. Nefernet is an early owl actually. Up in the late afternoon, she will fight her best at sunset. She really hate being up in the morning, the sun is too bright. Even living with a human could not change her nighty habits.  Neferna prefers daytime though, oddly. She loves sunshine, especially in tree form. Her druidic life made her more used to daytime living that most of the Night Elves.

Does your character carry a time-keeping device? (watch, pocket watch, chronometer, gnomish buzzbox with digital clock peripheral)

What is a clock ? Some gnomish sillyness ? Moon, stars and sun are well enough to know the time.

How does your character deal with the Bronze Dragonflight – does he or she take them seriously?  take the Caverns of Time seriously?

As much as she respects the Red Dragonflight, Nefernet doesn’t like Bronze Dragonflight, they are just another source of conflit. When asked to do some quest for them, she just does her duty, even if it’s a nasty one like burning Stratholme or enable the orcs to invade Kalimdor. She went through the battle at Mount Hyjal in Cavern of Time and it made her sad. It remembered her the day the tree blew up and how it threw her life upside down, how the earth shoke in her little village, destroying many houses, and the following days when some families heared about their sibbling’s deaths. And a few months later, she was moving with Barhom and Neferna to Teldrassil to help building the new capital.

Neferna is more curious with the Bronze Dragonflight but mostly because she’s so curious about everything. But like Nefernet, she won’t trust them.

What does your character eat for breakfast on a “normal morning”? (whenever that “morning” happens to take place)

Nefernet like having apples with some dried meat for breakfast, she likes the sweet/salty taste. and that’s easy to carry, easy to conserve in you bag for weeks. She share the meat with her wolf who loves that. Neferna never eat meat. For breakfeast, she will have some milk with fruits and bread. She loves putting some honey in her milk and drinking it with some raspberries.


2 Réponses to “Anna’s Friday 5 : Time is on our side”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    inspirating = inspiring 😉

    nice post ^_^

  2. Nefernet Says:

    Thanks !!!
    And edited 🙂

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