Raiding for first kills server.

Yes, that’s what my new guild wants to achieve. They want to be first. They want the best players of the server. I don’t know if I’m one of them but I try very hard.

I’m on trial with the Gods of War, first guild Ally side and now first guild of the server. It’s hard. But I hold on.

It’s so strange to be at the bottom of the dpsmeter. I’ve rarely been last dps. Even when I began raiding Karazhan at the lever 68, I was in the top 3. It’s depressing. I’m one of the less well geared of the guild. But in one week worth of new gear I’m gaining on some people better geared already. I think it’s very good for me to be undergear. I try harder than everyone else to be good enough. I can’t wait to get some pieces from Ulduar. Especially a gun or a bow, anything… I will rush up through the meter.

Or so I hope. Because competition is hard among dpsers. In my previous guild, there wasn’t really competition. Me and Ron above the others and it was enough for us and for the raid. Now we need to fight for every bit of damage we can snatch in order to pull our own weight in raids. All those people are geared with Naxx25 and Ulduar10/25 minimum, we have barely half of our gear from 25-mans. But we are not ridiculous. Ron, better geared than me can even better some other mages. And I managed to push myself to 10th on a beautiful Patchwerk fight saturday night, with 5000 dps. Happy hunter.

I’m not exactly « happy » in my new guild. I’m new. I’m the newbie, the last of the hunters on the roster and the meter. I don’t get new loot except if noone else wants it. I’m used to it. I understand it. I’ve been GM before and know what « guild first » means : trials are not really part of the guild. Yet. And It’s hard to be told every evening my dps is too low. I don’t know many people and it’s hard to get to know some with the same « spirit ». And I miss my previous guild. I feel so anonymous when I log on TS. I often log back on my old guild TS and spend some time chatting with Sherydan and the others, they are friends.

But I’m not that unhappy. The hunter chat is really nice. The master hunter is a grumpy bear but he’s a great guy when he’s talkative. And I made friend with some of the other hunters already. But the most important thing is :  I do what I wanted to do for a long time. Actually, I feel like I always wanted to do this. To be part of a hard-core raiding guild. I want to down bosses. I love that. There is nothing better in this game than finishing off a big nasty lizzard. And doing the first guild kill. And maybe (fingers crossed) the first server kill. Since I’m part of that guild, I downed XT-002, Kologarn, Auriaya and Hodir, wiped on Mimiron and Yogg-Saron with 24 other people and we hope we will get the first kill server for the big nasty mollusc.

We also did a 10-man achievement on Razorscale, and got the 6 minutes achievement for Malygos25. That was a huge moment because noone had it yet. It was a guild first ! I was so happy to be part of this. And for the first time ever, I survived the phase 3… I’m really proud of that achievement. I don’t remember about the dpsmeter and actually don’t care, the most important thing was « I didn’t die in P3 ».

I love that. 

That’s why I can stand feeling lonely in a 60-man guild, listening on strangers on TS. And I get to know some of them. I did some battleground last week-end with a few of them : I didn’t know battleground could be so fun went you do that with your guild. Of course, some of the funniest part was sure the face of the other players, allies or hordies, spotting the guild tag of 2/3 of the team, or maybe the stupid achievement system broadcasting to the whole guilde that I had never win a Warsong Gulch before, nor an Arathi Bassin…  But it’s amazing how a newbie like me in battleground can perform well in an organised group. Actually battlegrounds like these are unfair, really… Because went you have, on one side, 10 or so people listening their Raid Leader and GM and actually doing what he asks, moving like one man, the other faction got no chance, Yogg-Saron is harder, frankly.


3 Réponses to “Raiding for first kills server.”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    Sound like you’re starting to find your spot in the new guild. Glad that it seems to be working out ^_^

  2. Nefernet Says:

    Thanks Shy !
    Yes, we are. 🙂
    Or so I hope.

  3. Ronwe Says:

    I really hope so too. 🙂
    Only the future will tell.

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