Making the big jump…

Yesterday, I put my application on the forum of the best PVEHL guild of the server, Alliance side. One of our friends is officer here and told us (aka Ron and me) that we should try.

I’m very stressed. I talked with the hunter’s officer, we made a dummy test and he just said : « Get some better gear, forget Beast Mastery, and come back later. Bye. » Eck… Later in the night, I had the occasion to speak with the GM and other officers. Very nice people, and they know what they want. But they scared me a little… Anyway, they told us to put our apps on their website, we did.

I polished my app many times and it was very appreciated by the GM. But I’m still waiting for the hunter’s officer to speak up… 

I’m waiting … And I hate that.

And I wonder how I will tell my GM about that. He knows we may be looking for a new guild, and he knows it was THIS guilde. And he knows that he won’t be able to keep us if we are accepted. But anyway, it will be hard to quit our guild. I hope that not too many people will blame us for letting them down…

I’m feeling bad. I’m anxious about my app, I’m anxious about my current guild, I don’t know what the game will be in this other guild, I don’t know what to do for my first guild where I still have my druid… I worry too much. I’m already a part of two guilds and made an app for a third.  I’m usually a very loyal person and feel so bad letting them down, even if staying would mean getting bored. But today, I want to fly my own way. I want to elbow my way through Ulduar with the best players of the server.

I want an answer…


I will get a trial ! Yes ! Ulduar 25… That will be huge !


2 Réponses to “Making the big jump…”

  1. Ronwe Says:

    Well … we got an answer. Maybe not to the worry, anxiety induced by mixing loyalty, bonds and an urge to go further. But at least to the app.

    Trial. Ulduar 25.
    Frightening words for a frightening evening.
    Which turned just fine.
    Success, a strange word when it’s just a game … but that’s the word that, at least for me, better describe the night. Not dying, not standing in the fire, no weird unwanted body pulls (at least from us xD), trying to play naturally while perfectly knowing you’re being watched …

    The answer is yes.

    On a side note (which I guess will be the things I remember the most from that evening) Hodir is a really fun and hectic fight, Thorim is so fast paced I only noticed I was the only one left alive only when he was down, Auriaya is seemingly just one tricky pull, Kologarn is easy (‘xept when the beam cut half the raid into tiny slices ^^) and … we weren’t the worst on XT002 🙂

    The door is open, the road is in front of us … we’ve only taken the first step …

  2. Shyraia Says:

    wooot! I hope you guys get to see all the goodies in Ulduar! It’s such a fun raid instance, and so challenging in many many ways!

    *hugs* It will go well, I’m sure it will.

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