Kel’Thuzad is hard, but gives great loot… and guild questions…

Did I tell you I finished Naxx 2 weeks ago with my hunter ? No ? Well I did. About time.

And I got the gun from KT which is great ! I love new weapons ! I have a soft point for range weapons, especially bows, and 2-handed axes and polearms… I’m a show-off just for these. I always carry in my bags my axe from KZ that transforms me in the undead bassist of the Tauren Chieftains.

But I really didn’t expect to down KT with my druid before a long time : she’s a reroll and should not have a spot in our raid except for extrem lack of healers. Well, we missed one healer tuesday night. I had to bring my fragile little tree to Naxx again. Poor dear. Only KT left for the week.

And there I was with my baby druid in front of the big bad guy of Naxxramaxx. I was so anxious. I didn’t want to screw myself in this fight but I don’t trust my skills as a healer enough.

The first try was tough. This boss is a nightmare. I let the offtank die in phase 1 while everyone was losing life and it was chaos and I panicked. I rezzed her. And she died in a double iceblock while, with the priest, I saved the tank ice-blocked too. When the two adds popped, they destroyed us… It was hard… I wasn’t prepared.

Second try, I knew what to expect. I was much more efficient. I choose my spell better. I kept everyone alive, except one hunter in phase 2 who stayed in the red circle, and got one-shooted. But I managed to save the offtank this time as she got ice-blocked again with the tank… I left the tank in the hand of the priest. Win !

We killed him ! And the loot was : well… great ! The dagger for casters dropped and they gave it to me ! Whoosh ! Level 80 since friday with my druid and already 3 pieces from Naxx 10… Happy druid. Later in the night, I did the Nexus with guildies and of course, The Mace dropped… Mouahaha, I didn’t need it ! The paladin took it for his offspec, we were here for that anyway…


On another tone, I’m quite worry for the guild right now. Two weeks ago, it was a great guild, and today, it feels strange… The GM changed, his brother is now in charge. He felt he needed some rest. I can understand that. But many people are feeling the same at the moment, and building a 10-man every night is a pain nowadays. I wish I could go back to try and down Malygos at last, but the A team is often short in one or two key members…

And I feel tired too. I’m in the raid every night I’m logged. I love to raid but I would like to have some time to farm a little, do dailies, gear my druid and do some pick-up with her… And as much as I like people in my guild, I realise that I really prefer when Sherydan is around. He’s the one I know for the longest time and maybe I just joined their guild for him because I trusted him. But now he’s not connected as often, I feel different. Most people in the guild consider me as a full member and they know what I can do but I see myself still in test period, and the guild is too.

I hope it will get better. I wanted to do 25-man raids, that’s why I joigned. I wanted some challenge and Malygos10 is great ! But no Malygos for 2 weeks, and no 25-mans except a desastrous evening this week, with 15 or so guildies and pick-up the rest… I wonder if I should change guild before it get worst, or if I should stay until it get better… And where to go anyway ?… I’d like to be in a guild where they do 25-mans easilly. And with nice people. I don’t really need the top guild of the server but a guild with at least 23 other people wanting to wipe endlessly on a boss and finally down him. I said 23, because my boyfriend would follow me I suppose.

And here is my biggest problem. My boyfriend got promoted in our guild. He’s now class master of mages and even leads raids sometimes. I have no problem with that. I’m happy for him, he was acknowledge (not sure of the word here…) by the other officers who saw his value. My problem is that now, he’s got responsability for the guild, he cannot just leave like that. Like I could. I could leave tomorrow for a bigger and better guild. I saw the best guild alliance side is recruiting hunters. And I know that despite my « not that good » gear, they may consider to take me on trial, because I know my class, and can get the best out of my gear. And I know one of the officers there for a long time and he knows me as well. I’m sure he will back me up with my apply.

Actually, I couldn’t leave the guild tomorrow. Because I owe them much. They helped me when I was a bit lost after the end of my guild.  I don’t owe them stuff, because I don’t feel like I got many pieces without effort. I often let items to others or I just didn’t have had much luck with loots and rolls (Hunter’s T7 is a legend no ? Especially the shoulders…). I don’t care about loot (except some weapons… Black Ice… Drool…). But I feel like I owe them DPS… That’s strange. I know that if I leave, they won’t be really able to perform as well as today. I’m not being pretentious, I know they will need time to find or train  another good hunter, and another very good mage. And not to mention the theorycrafting we bring to them…

Well, that said, I’m not that happy with my guild. The people are great but I don’t know them enough to really count them as friends yet… I feel lonely maybe.


3 Réponses to “Kel’Thuzad is hard, but gives great loot… and guild questions…”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    *hug* a new environment can be hard, but if the people are great, than in my opinion give them a chance to shape up. And get to know you a bit better, while you get to know them more.

    And changing guilds would probably only start the process again of getting to know each other.

    Perhaps find a special project within your guild to train up another hunter? Find someone who also likes to theorycraft? There must be some mutual ground.

    Otherwise, no matter how much people generally hate pugging, it’s still a chance to find that terrific new guild member!

  2. Nefernet Says:

    Yes, I will give them a chance. I already gave them too much to go away without feeling really bad anyway… 😀

    And you are very right to say that changing guild, I would have to do it again, getting to know everyone.

    I don’t feel useless in my guild. I hate that more than anything else : being useless. When they need a reliable and huge amount of dps, I’m here. Now I even have my healer and I 5-manned enough with them for them to trust my healing abilities, even if I don’t trust me enough yet…

    My biggest concern today is that I’m going nowhere with my hunter. I see every week the same content, raid after raid. I need some change. Having the druid is great, I see old content with new eyes and it gives me challenge.

    And yes, I know pugging is great for recruiting ! I pugged a little before deciding to go with this guild. Each guild I pugged with tried to recruit me… No kidding. But I was still GM of my own guild those days and didn’t want to choose that quickly.

    We had a great Naxx10 run yesterday. We did 3 wings except Thaddius. We even did the « Arachnophia » achievement (killing Maexxna within 20 min of killing Anub’Rekhan). Everyone was great. No slacking, no « I forgot to repair… », no stupid wipe. Everyone was happy.

    I realize that the success of a raid influence greatly my mood in my guild. Good raids make happy guildies.

  3. Ronwe Says:

    Times are not great indeed, but there were a time there were, and if it could change in one direction, there must be a way for it to change in the other … or so I hope.

    As much as I’ve been happy to become class master for mages (As a theorycrafting geek, it’s always nice to try being useful for someone else) I felt a bit trapped by that decision. No choice, no question asked … I guess i was happy, I feel awkward now. A bit like a king without a realm, as I’m almost the only mage still going online …

    But indeed, this week’s Naxx run has been neat, too bad we were’nt able to go further than that, well, maybe I’m pessimistic (my mood is not really at its best right now) but running Naxx with a team that mostly don’t need anything there but who still do so because several people have no motivation to do more than it is … tiring.

    What’s more, I can’t really spontaneously go pugging, even if it’s for potential recruitment : when i was a recruit, i would have got a penalty if I went pugging alone … if I go now, that would be a case of « officer giving the bad exemple »

    And as for owing them dps, i guess i also feel that way … if we go now, no matter how pretentious it may feel, i’m afraid that even Maexxna might prove difficult again to overcome … and as we’re the only ones who trained to manage those (damn) Gluth zombie chews … well, I guess Thaddius will become a far away dream too …

    I’m worried … and it shows … the waltz of rerolls and alts has begun again … it’s refreshing … but it does nothing to soothe my mind when I look at Nefernet and Ronwe, who are still our main characters and who are slowly picking up dust …

    Well … i’m not sure why I posted that here … but … well … it’s done now.

    P.S. /hug
    P.P.S. Well, you sure are not useless … it’s quite the contrary … useful to the point some feel they can care about nothing …

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