Un petit bilan : I love my new guild !

Yes, i’m happy in my new guild. The first weeks were hard. New people to know, new habits to get, some very successful raids and some awful ones. I think having TS helps a lot to get to know people. TS is great. I like the conviviality it offers.

In the last few weeks, I got to know many of the new guildies. In the meantime, I took some distance from my ex-guildies. I had an Onyxia rush for fun and achievement with ex-guildies last friday afternoon, it felt so awkward… I hurried to leave the raid and their TS, I just couldn’t talk to them longer.

I don’t miss them. I thought I would but no. Actually, I feel so free now. I can raid every evening if I want. The GM and officers know my stuff and my skills and I’m sure to find a spot in any progression 10-man raid. I don’t have to worry about « the right thing to do to make my officers and guildies happy », seeing I’m not a GM anymore. I realise now why, in my opinion, we failed as a raiding guild. We were too serious, too strict, and too few… We lacked in flexibility.

In my new guild, there is a raid every evening, as soon as we have the tanks and healers. It’s just : « What do we do tonight ? » Dual spec is great now, with all the hybrids able to switch spec following the needs of the group. And if I don’t want to raid, no problem, I have my little druid and I really can’t wait till she’s 80 (soon soon !).

I changed  my spec yesterday. I was previously trying Pike‘s idea with only one point in Cobra Strike but it felt like it wasn’t scaling with my gear. I knew I could do more than that, I knew it, and just couldn’t… I changed spec for the most recommended in BM for maximising dps since the last patch. It’s now a 53/11/7 and I quite like it. I could feel the power in my hands during the raid yesterday.

I think that’s why I love playing dps, and especially hunter. I love seeing mobs life going down and down fast while I just pewpew them to death. And knowing that I’m some of the best contributor to this is just exciting. I’m not exactly a « recount-addict » but I don’t like feeling behind in dps. I know what my gear is and what I can get out of it. I don’t like feeling useless to the raid.

That must be the reason why I rolled a healer. No meter here. No real competition, I really don’t have a clue at how to analyse my WWS with my druid… But this time, I know I’m here to enable the others to do their job properly, meanning pewpewing mobs to death… Funny how I kept the habit to show mobs life-bars like with my druid. It’s not in my power to make their lifes down anymore but it’s more like « Live ! Come on ! Live and kill that thing chewing my roots ! ».

My druid is 79 2/3… Had no time to level her to 80 yesterday, the guild needed my hunter… Actually, they needed my druid more but she’s not 80 yet… And I couldn’t tell the 9 other people : « Wait 2 or 3 hours and I’ll be ready… » I wouldn’t have exactly been ready for raiding, I need some gear. And anyway, I’m not sure I’m ready for the chaos a raid is. I’ll try a few heroics before, for the gear and to be more confident in my skills…


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