She’s mine !

I got it ! I got it  the new Spirit Beast !

Isn't she beautiful ?


Oh yes !

I found the beauty Friday night. I was in Zul Drak levelling my little druid (she’s 79 today, it was a busy week-end) with the Dwarf. As we went back to Harkoa for a last quest before going to bed (it was 2:00 in the morning…), I said : « Why not see if Gondria is around ? I know she pops around there… » « Ok », said the Dwarf.

And we headed to the zone, I just didn’t hope she would be there, but maybe… And she was there, just waiting for me… Oooooooh !!!!!

Hurry, hurry, the 20 secondes of unlogging time from my druid went forever. And the logging screen for my hunter was even longer. I left the dog at the stabble, and off with the griffon to Zul Drak, where the Dwarf was keeping a sharp eye on my future new pet. Longest. Fly. Ever… 

And it was mine ! I’m so happy ! Séthi is jalous of course… Being stabbled in Dalaran is not fun… But I will need him to raid, Spirit Beast is not 80 yet, and I like the AP bonus the wolf gives.

I spent the rest of the week-end showing of in Dalaran… I’m kidding of course, I spent the week-end levelling my druid, doing instances after instances. I’ve healed every instance in Northrend except the Occulus, and I had no death this week-end, noone, never. I now have fun with the druid. First time I did Nexus, I just messed up so badly that I didn’t want to heal anymore, but I kept going and healing, and now I’m so much more confident.


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