Séthi is happy !

(My first post in English… Please be nice… ^_^ )

It happend two weeks ago. Nefernet came to Darnassus. I thought she had some business to do here. She allways comes and visits me at her father’s home when she is in the vicinity.

I love her visits ! She allways takes some time to play with me. I know she will be gone in a few hours with Noé, the yellow cat, leaving me to take care of her old father. As if the old gruppy druid needed any care… I’d rather take care of her. I know she goes back to war every time she leaves Darnassus. It’s just so sad to watch her go away. I’m so sad I cry for hours, until the father comes and shouts me to stop whining because the neighbours are complaining…

But the other day, she had serious business here. She took me along to visit her master, the old grumpy hunter with that old grumpy black dog. He doesn’t like me (the dog, not the master…). He keeps telling me I’m too young to understand The Hunt, and war and everything. Pff, I have been to war too… A little… Over there in Outland where I was born. But it’s true, for serious encounters, I mean, very dangerous ones, my mistress takes Noé. He’s a strong and experienced warrior.

But the other day, I was watching her packing her things, trying hard not to cry in front of her, but instead of departing along with Noé, waving goodbye, she took me with her ! Ooooh I was soo happy  ! Ooh yes ! I was on the hunting road with my mistress again !

I don’t exactly remember what happened to me this very evening. She used this strange stone that makes everything black before my eyes and feeling deezy and whoosh, we’re somewhere else. We were in this strange town, floating in the air. Not many trees there, I don’t like this town. We took a griffon and headed south. And there I was in front of this strange and scary flying fortress…

I looked around. Spiders, undying horrors in every corner… Uh oh… Ok, I suppose Noé is just over there and I will be a good boy and go back to town. No ? Really ? Ok, this is bad. This is war and I’m not prepared. I’m too young for this…

And there were other people there too. Many strangers. Actually I knew no one except that nice human mage my mistress loves. Where were her usual comrades in arms ? Where was the calm and nice paladin Askarhi, and the pretty Tati, and the nice little elf Ryuan, and the tree druid Naturelha, and the big and funny Lupurius, the Draenei ? Where were they gone ? Dead ?

As I begun whining softly, feeling so afraid and alone, Nefernet took me in her arms.

« Come on boy ! Don’t be afraid, don’t be sad. These people are our new friends. The others are not lost, they’ve taken their own path and I followed mine. Look, Ron is here. And do you remember this elf hunter ? We met her in Outland ! She’s our leader now, be nice with her. I count on you to behave tonight, to be brave and strong. »

And I felt better. I could feel the sadness in her voice when speaking about her friends, and her hope in the future with this new compagny. Oh yes I will do my best tonight !

And I did ! Once in the evening, Nefernet was very anxious. She explained me numerous times : « Follow the tank. Be careful, there is poison shooting out of these gutters. It’s very dangerous. I’m very serious. And be on my ankles when I ask you ! No running around the Big Ugly Heigan while he’s on this platform ! » And she was dead serious. And she was right to be. These poisons are so painful. But her magic kept me alive during the whole fight. And we killed the Big Ugly.

The rest of the night is in a blur of green light. We went home tired but pleased with the good fight. Nefernet knows I need a bit more training, these fights are tricky, and she wants me to be able to pull my own weight. But together, we are stronger. We will rid Azeroth of the Scourge. Yes, just Nef and me… Yes, i’m just that happy to fight again.


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